Adjusting eBay SKUs and importing new products

New products added to eBay will NOT be automatically imported, sellers need to request an import via Products -> Import from eBay

After new products are imported, you need to make sure that SKUs on our eBay panel are the same as on other marketplaces.

When new products are imported from eBay they usually do not have proper SKUs. You can manually edit SKUs on product pages via eBay Panel:

You can also do it in a bulk.

Products with missing SKUs will be shown as below. Please notice this example below is a product without the main parent products SKU as well as missing variation SKUs. Those product IDs: 45229947_1 and 45229947_2 are automatically generated by our system SKUs to help you identify variations, but you need to change them.


In the top part of your panel, you will see a message showing that you have missing SKUs. It will have a link to Tools > Bulk SKU Update.

You can download here a file with all products or only those with missing SKUs:


Please note that if only one of your variants has a missing SKU, for your convenience our system will export the entire product to the file.

After you fill our SKU column, import a file back via Products-> Import products from CSV/XLS