Adjusting return address for products

This option will allow you to specify a return location for a specific item. Use it only if you want to overwrite values which you have on your fulfillment nodes. Otherwise, keep it blank on your products page.

You can specify global settings of return address for your products on your fulfillment nodes level. Go to > Fulfillment and adjust your address in settings of your nodes.

You can also assign a return address on the product level. To do that, edit your product via GeekSeller dashboard, and adjust its return address section on the product’s edit tab:

You can also update those values in bulk via CSV/XLS file, please use the following columns:

For example, if you want to assign a specific return address for a specific brand:

1. Export products to a file.

2. In your file, sort products by Brand.

3. Copy and paste the same address for products from a specific brand, and import it back.