Options for Connecting with Amazon

To activate or deactivate any of the features below, contact us.

FBA Options
These options work best when activated together.

FBA Quantity Sync

GeekSeller reads quantities from FBA and submits them to other designated marketplace(s). Recommended options include eBay and Shopify.

FBA Order Fulfillment

GeekSeller automatically sends orders to FBA and sends tracking information back to the selected marketplace(s). Recommended options include eBay, and Shopify.

FBM (merchant fulfilled) Options
Only one of the options below can be active at any given time.

GeekSeller reads FBM quantity information from Amazon 

When a product is sold on a connected marketplace, the FBM quantity will not be automatically adjusted.

You will need to log in to Amazon and manually adjust the FBM quantity when sales are made.

GeekSeller sends quantity information to FBM 

When orders come from a connected marketplace, we adjust the quantity and send the update to Amazon.

FBM quantities will be managed from GeekSeller and the data will be sent to any connected marketplace, including Amazon.
Any updates made to FBM quantities on Amazon will be overwritten by data from GeekSeller.