Switching to GeekSeller from a Previous API Provider

Some Jet integrations use Direct API and some do not. Your next steps will differ depending on which your previous provider was.

Direct API integration
API keys exist in your account

  1. Disconnect from the old API integration partner. You cannot use two API integration systems at the same time.
  2. Copy your API keys from Partner.Jet.com and add them to your GeekSeller Profile.
  3. Contact us at Support@GeekSeller.com to request an import of your existing products from Jet to our system.


 Non-Direct API Integration 
API keys do not exist in your account

  1. Invite GeekSeller to your Jet Partner portal
  2. Send an email to Partner@Jet.com (CC Jet@GeekSeller.com) stating that you’re switching to GeekSeller and need API Keys generated for your account.
    Jet will put your account on hold for about 2 days while they generate the keys and update your account. Your products will be temporarily marked “Unauthorized” to keep orders from flowing during the transition. 
  3. Keep an eye out for when API keys appear in your Jet panel. Jet does not notify us when they are ready.
  4. Copy the API keys to your GeekSeller account. Once that is done, email Jet again to notify them that your account can now be switched back to live mode.
  5. Contact GeekSeller at Support@GeekSeller.com to request an import of your Jet products.