Jet Orders in Breach of Fulfillment Policy while using FBA fulfillment

When fulfill Jet orders through Amazon may occasionally send an order late. In such cases, Jet may send you an email regarding Breach of Fulfillment Policy.
Possible  solutions:

1. If late shipping happens just once every few months it will not have a major impact. We recommend that you contact Amazon support and ask why some of your Multichannel FBA Orders were not sent within 24 hours.

2. GeekSeller asks Amazon to ship orders with standard shipping, per Jet’s requirements. However, you can adjust your FBA node’s settings in your Jet Partner Portal.

3. You can adjust shipping methods for FBA from > Extensions > Amazon using the drop-down menu to specify which shipping policy you want to use. Amazon shipping rates should be taken into consideration for each option. Nevertheless, we recommend using standard shipping.