GeekSeller Pricing

The explanation below goes over our Standard plans. GeekSeller also offers Enterprise plans that are negotiated case-by-case.

Plans are determined and adjusted automatically based on GMV.


  • If your GMV over 4 weeks is $20,000, your plan is $500/mo
  • A GMV of $47,010 will put you on $750/mo plan
  • A GMV of $64,190 would be still a $750/mo plan
  • Anything above $65,000 would be $1,000/mo
  • If you approach $2M GMV, we will contact you to discuss Enterprise options

GeekSeller sends invoices every two weeks, so monthly plans are divided into two payments. The first invoice is usually the largest one, then the second invoice is an adjustment based on sales for the second part of the billing period.


The GMV for Jan 15 – Feb 14, 2018 was $103,894. This puts this seller on the $1,000/mo plan.

The first invoice of $750 was already paid. The invoice was $750, because the first invoice was created Jan 30, at which point the GMV was between $40,001 and $65,000 ($750/mo plan), but during the second two weeks, the GMV for the billing period (Jan 15-Feb 14) increased to $103,894, so the current plan is $1,000, and the second invoice of $250 will be issued. Please note that if during the period of Jan 30 – Feb 14, this seller’s GMV would remain below $65,000, the plan would be $750, and the second invoice would be $0.