Google Merchant Center Onboarding

1. Check Your Access

If you are interested in selling on Google Express, there are two things you need to do before you start your onboarding process:

  1. First, you need to create Google merchant account to gain access to the Google Merchant Center.
  2. Next, fill out this form to express interest in joining the Shopping Actions program (this will allow you to sell on Google Express). On the form, please make sure to mention GeekSeller is going to be your 3rd Party Platform:

You will receive a welcome email from the Google team once you’ve been approved.

If you are already approved to Shopping Actions, check our guide how to set it up: Setting up Shopping Actions.

2. Contact GeekSeller

Contact our team to connect with Google Merchant Center. One of our specialists will ask the following questions:

  • How are you planning to fulfill your orders? Do you work with a 3PL or do you pack and ship products in-house?
  • If you ship in-house, how do you generate labels? Which shipping carriers do you use? Are you planning to use GeekSeller’s order management panel to generate and print shipping labels?
  • Do you have your product data uploaded to the Google Merchant Center? Do the SKUs match on other marketplaces?
  • How would you like to synchronize quantities? Where do you want to enter quantity information? Do you want to adjust them using the GeekSeller interface or CSV? Would you like Google Express to share inventory levels with other marketplaces?

3. Invite GeekSeller to your Google Merchant Center

  1. Open the Merchant Center
  2. Click the 3 dots to the upper right side and select “Users”
  3. Add a new user using this email address:
    This will allow you to fulfill Google orders through GeekSeller.
  4. Select “Order management” under “User access.”
  5. Now add another user, under the email address:
  6. Select “Admin” and “Standard” access, to allow us to help with account set up and product creation.
  7. Send us an email including your Merchant ID once you’ve invited us.

4. Prepare and Submit Products

Because our system does not support product creation at this time, we recommend uploading products via Google Spreadsheet.

If you need assistance with products creation, please invite GeekSeller to your Google Merchant Center.

5. Synchronize Quantities

Let our team know how you want to manage your quantities:

6. Connect Shipping Carriers and Manage Orders

To use our Master Panel to generate UPS and FedEx labels see below:

  1. Connect UPS
  2. Connect FedEx
  3. Contact us to activate the extensions in your account

If you need more carriers, we offer an integration with EasyPost. EasyPost offers 100+ carriers and the best available rates for USPS through Commercial Plus Pricing (GeekSeller does not make commissions on referrals to EasyPost, we recommend this company based on their outstanding service and great pricing).