Using Price, MAP, and MSRP to Control Pricing

Jet takes some liberties with pricing. You can only specify how much you want to get paid for items, and what is the lowest price can sell your products for. Please note that if Jet sells your item below your “Price” you still get Price you specified – it is guaranteed, even if Jet loses money on the transaction (does not happen often).

MAP pricing policy is used as to set the floor, and an MSRP is used as the ceiling for your prices.
First, let’s break down the key terms:


A MAP price is a minimum amount that resellers agree not to advertise. Jet guarantees they won’t sell your products below this price.



This is an amount you are getting paid no matter what for your product. Keep in mind Jet may still sell your product below PRICE and above MAP Price, they will lose money but you will always get your PRICE.


The manufacturer’s suggested retail price or list price for the product. An MSRP price is the maximum price that Jet can sell your products for. Please note that Jet may sell your products for more than your PRICE, but you will still receive your PRICE, and the extra goes to Jet.

MAP Implementation


Price policy is a rule that determines what pricing and member savings Jet is allowed to show the consumer. Please note that this field is called MAP, but it is used for all price policies and not just MAP. These settings only apply to what the consumer is shown and have no impact on what a retailer is paid for an item.

There are 3 possible values for MAP implementation:

  • 101 –  Any discount can be applied. Jet can price SKUs however they like in accordance with marketplace fluctuation. If they lack a comparison source, they’ll use your price. Discounts may be applied for buyers who use debit cards instead of credit cards, opt out of free returns, buy multiples, etc.
  • 102 –  Only Jet members can get a discount. Buyers will see the price set by a seller, product price won’t fluctuate. Only buyers who are logged in as members can access discounts for using debit cards instead of credit cards, opting out of free returns, buying multiples, etc.
  • 103 –  No one will get a discount. Price as marked, no discounts or promotions can be applied. True MAP pricing.

Examples of MAP Pricing


If a merchant sets a 103 MAP implementation, that product will always be listed at the MAP price that they have set. For example, if you have a 103 MAP implementation for a product set at $100.00. The listing will be listed at $100.00 and the merchant will be paid $100.00.

If the merchant sets a 102 MAP implementation, that prices will be advertised (minimum advertised price) at the MAP price they have set. For example, if you have a 102 set at $100.00 for a product, the listing will show at $100.00 (blacklisting). However, this item is eligible for discounts or promo codes. Typically you will see some sort of additional savings applied to this listing.

A 101 MAP implementation (default) will be listed as any price and will be eligible for all promos or discounts Jet deems fit.

Removing MSRP value

If you provided some MSRP in the past and now you would like to remove it, you need to set it up to 0.01 and submit to Jet. Please note setting it up as $0 will not work.