Completing Walmart Test Orders

After your test orders have been created (shown here) follow the steps below:

1. Go to the Orders section of your GeekSeller Walmart account

You will see two orders there. If you do not see them, please wait some time. The order may be stuck in the fraud detection process and this can take from a few minutes up to an hour.

2. Order Cancellation

A). Click on the Purchase Order ID of the first order.

B). Scroll to the bottom of the order page and click Cancel in the Action column for each item

No further action is needed.

3. Order shipping testing.

A). Repeat step one for the second order, but this time click Ship in the Action column.
As this is a test order, do not actually ship the product.

B). Shipping details form will appear.

All fields except “Tracking URL” are required. For test purposes, please use a fake number:

You can ship only rows which have been acknowledged. When you submit shipping data the status should change to “Shipped”. You can choose to ship individual lines separately, or all at once.

4. Refund Testing:

Repeat step one and edit the second order that was marked as shipped in the previous step. Then scroll to the product you shipped and click Refund.

The refund details form shown below will appear:

You can refund only rows that were shipped. The amount specified as the refund cannot be greater than the amount that was charged for the row. After a successful refund, updated information will appear in the Status column.