Jet Listing Optimization

Listing Optimization

Product details

Your product listings should be complete and well-formatted. You’ll find a list of things to look out for on the fifth slide of our webinar or below:


Jet has the ultimate decision on how pricing is displayed. Even if Jet displays a lower/higher price you will get paid the price you submitted to Jet. If you need to place restrictions on how Jet displays your pricing, you can use MAP and MSRP to help you control the pricing. Learn more about that here.

You can also make use of Jet’s Rules Engine and GeekSeller’s Jet Repricer to offer more dynamic pricing and save money while optimizing. Keep in mind that shipping cost will affect whether your products are seen as competitively priced or not.


Your shipping track record will affect how Jet prioritizes your products. To remain in good standing you’ll need to comply with the following:

  1. Ship orders on time, usually within 1 business day (consistent with lag times set in the Fulfillment section at
  2. Provide Jet with accurate tracking information to ensure delivery confirmation
  3. Include the correct paperwork with your shipments. The buyer should receive a packing slip that includes tracking number and does NOT include pricing

Refunds and returns

If a seller requests a return or refund, responding in a timely fashion will also help keep your account in good standing. Jet provides and monitors metrics on certain criteria, mainly on-time acknowledgment, order processing time, order rejection rate, item cancellation rate and item defect rate. Keeping all of these statistics within Jet’s expectations helps them to see that you’re a reliable seller, which helps them to select you for orders, especially if you’re not the only seller offering a certain product.


One final way to optimize your presence on Jet’s marketplace is to work toward receiving positive reviews from buyers. If your prices are good, your order fulfillment expedient, your products well-represented and in good shape upon arrival, getting positive consumer reviews will help set you apart as a desirable seller, which will, in turn, help you to win more sales and establish a good rapport with Jet. Merchants cannot request reviews. Jet will send email automatically after purchase requesting a review.