Jet Product Preparation, Review, and Approval

Must know before you start:

  • Be patient
    • It will take time for your products to be approved, and there will be many things that may not be clear at first.  GeekSeller wants to make this process as easy for you as possible.
  • Jet Review
    • Before your products will be available on they have to be reviewed by Jet catalog team.  
    • After submission your products will be marked as “Under Review”. It can take anywhere from a few days up to 5 weeks for your products to be reviewed and then published on Jet.
  • The more products you submit, the faster you’ll be reviewed
    • The more products you submit, and the more inventory available you have, the better, therefore it is highly recommended to submit as much products as possible in first push.
    • Not all fields are required for submitting products to Jet, but we strongly encourage you to fill out most of them.