Jet Product Statuses


The product exists only on GeekSeller and has not been submitted to Jet.


This status means GeekSeller is waiting for Jet to return the status of your product. You can click Refresh Statuses to force our system to update.


You are not currently permitted to sell this product on Jet. This may be because you are not authorized to sell a certain product type or brand, or that you are unable to meet the fulfillment standards set out in the Jet Partner Policy.

What to do: please contact Jet at for more information.


The product offered is in some way outside of Jet’s terms. This could be caused by the category, product type, or brand. Excluded status may also be assigned to SKUs if the price is not competitive.

What to do: First, lower your price and re-submit. If this does not solve the problem, please contact Jet at for more information.

Missing Data

This error will not immediately disappear after you correct missing data and re-submit your product to Jet. Jet will need to review your product again and verify that the issue has been fixed.

What to do: Once you fix your products, send an email to to confirm that they have received the updated data.

Under Review

Jet team is manually reviewing your products. It can take anywhere from a few days up to 4 weeks to have your products approved.

What to do: If your products are still not available after two weeks please contact Jet and ask if there is anything holding your products from being approved. As soon as they provide more details, you can contact us at and we will assist you with the corrections.


The product is available for sale on Jet.


The product was retired and no longer available on Jet. If you would like to bring it back please follow the instructions in ‘Reactivating’ section of this guide.

It is Important to remember when submitting changes to Jet: Any messages or errors about missing categories, variations, price, and images stay even after fixing those issue.

You can disregard this error as this is how Jet API works. Once the error was triggered, it will stay there until the Jet team re-review the product and remove the error flag. However, this is also a good idea to actually send an email to and confirm with them that all data is visible on their end.

Also, very often missing price error means that Jet catalog team consider your price too high in comparison to the competition. Do your research to find what other merchants ask for products similar or exactly the same as yours.