Lesson 2 | JET and Walmart Flow

These are the steps you must take to start selling on Jet and Walmart via GeekSeller. 
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JET Flow 

Create a Jet account

Create GeekSeller Account

Connect JET API

This step is performed by GeekSeller team, it is much fast to do it than ask sellers to do that on their own. Test is a way to show to Jet that a merchant has an access to a tool allowing them to interact with Jet database. It consists on creating a test product, test orders and test return, and submitting data to JET server.

To allow GeekSeller to perform this test, merchants invite GeekSeller to Partner.Jet.com as a developer, using an email geeksellercom+XXX@gmail.com, where XXX is merchant’s ID in GeekSeller database.

If a seller already sells on JET this step should be skipped since JET API for this seller has been tested on the other platform used by a seller before switching to GeekSeller.

Import Products

Few options:

1. Create New Product
2. Import from XLS or CSV – see details here
3. Import Products from extensions:(Must connect API first) Shopify  – more extensions will be added soon.
4. If a seller already sells on JET and has product on JET listed, GeekSeller will download those product to its database.

Import Errors?

When submitting products to JET there could be some errors reported by their API about incorrect or missing data about products. Those errors must be fixed before submitting to Jet.

Submit to Jet

User can do that on their own via dashboard (click here to see how).
If a seller has hundreds of products, GeekSeller can submit them in bulk via file upload, this is a desired way of submitting bigger amount of products and it will be explained in details in another lesson.

Jet returns Errors

If after a week or two Jet returns errors. Seller needs to review errors, fix if needed then resubmit all products. If possible, GeekSeller provides support to merchants with those fixes. If no fix needed re-submit all products (sometimes only resubmission is enough, in some cases JET did not receive for some reason all data about products). After the resubmission, partner@jet.com has to be notified. Also, review this post for more details.

Items take 2-4 weeks to be approved by Jet.

Contact Partner@Jet.com if after this time period they are still not approved but in Jet Review status (see details here).

Walmart Flow

Create a Walmart account

Merchants can also apply to Walmart by submitting their application via GeekSeller.

Create GeekSeller Account

Insert Walmart API to GeekSeller

Import Products to GeekSeller (Tools>Choose option)

  1. Create New Product
  2. Import from XLS/CSV
  3. If a seller already sells on Walmart, GeekSeller can import existing data from Walmart to GeekSeller database
  4. Import data from Amazon or Shopify (shopify.geekseller.com)

Import Errors?

Fix Errors before submitting to Walmart. GeekSeller panel can detect most common problems with products.

Submit to Walmart

  1. Click check all box at the top left
  2. Click “Bulk Import”
  3. Click “Export to Walmart”
  4. Submit qty to Walmart with a button “Export Qty to Walmart”

See details here.

Create and complete test order

See details here

Account will go live within 2-3 days after test orders are complete

To go live, sellers must initially export to Walmart either at least 1000 SKUs or at least 10% of their catalog which ever is first.