Lesson 2 | Walmart Flow

Follow these steps to start selling on Walmart through GeekSeller. 

Create a Walmart account

If you haven’t applied to sell on Walmart yet, you can do so using this application form.

Create a GeekSeller Account

Add Walmart API Keys to GeekSeller

Import Products to GeekSeller

  1. Create a New Product through the interface
  2. Import from XLS or CSV
  3. Import products through other integrations (Shopify, eBay, etc.)
  4. GeekSeller can also download existing product data from Walmart

Import Errors?

Fix Errors before submitting to Walmart. GeekSeller panel can detect the most common issues with products.

Submit to Walmart

  1. Check all boxes in the top left
  2. Click on the “Bulk Action” menu
  3. Choose “Export to Walmart”
  4. Submit quantities by clicking “Export Qty to Walmart”

Finish the onboarding

Once you finished all of the onboarding steps it is advised to submit a Walmart case informing them that you are ready to go live. Please keep in mind that you need to send 1,000 SKUs or at least 10% of your catalog in the initial upload.