Mismatched Jet Product Statuses

GeekSeller receives status updates from Jet on a regular basis. However, sometimes there are discrepancies between systems. When this happens your products may have different statuses in GeekSeller and your Jet Partner Portal or you may receive orders for products that show as “Under Review” on one or both platforms.

Be advised that the Jet team is aware of this limitation. As of July 2018, they are actively working on resolving this issue.

Below we show common mismatches and potential solutions. Unfortunately, in most cases, the discrepancies are caused by delays in Jets API and sellers need to just wait for Jet API to start sending the updated statuses.

There are two known issues:

A product may be Live and available for purchase on Jet.com while Partner.Jet.com still sees the product as Under Review and sends this outdated data to GeekSeller.

Alternatively, a product may be Live and available on Jet.com and show as live on Partner.Jet.com, but Jet’s API may still send outdated data via API to GeekSeller.

Refresh Statuses

We update statuses on a regular basis, but you can manually retrieve information from Jet’s API using the “Refresh Statuses” button on the products page in your GeekSeller account. However, if Jet API is still sending outdated data, this will not bring in true status information.

Getting True Status Info

If mismatched statuses are affecting your workflow, or if your products have been under review for two weeks or more, reach out to us at support@geekseller.com.

We will review your products, resubmit them, and/or email Jet with you CC’d to request updated status information.

In most cases, Jet will provide a CSV file containing up-to-date product statuses. To see updated statuses in your GeekSeller panel, you may need to wait for Jet to start sending this data.

See this article for more information on what each status means.