Order Acknowledgment

Jet orders must be acknowledged within 15 minutes. Walmart orders must be acknowledged within 4 hours.

How it works

Keeping your quantity updated is crucial.

Acknowledging an order confirms that you are actively monitoring your account and are ready to ship orders.

GeekSeller automatically acknowledges your orders for Jet and Walmart within their set timeframes by default. (This setting can be turned off if needed)

If an order is not acknowledged on time, the marketplace will cancel the order, causing a negative shopping experience for the buyer and impact on your statistics. If you are unable to fulfill orders for a product, the quantity should be set to 0 to prevent orders from being placed.

How Walmart Orders Flow

Walmart submits new orders to GeekSeller with the status “Created” and gives us 4 hours to update it to “Acknowledged”.

Please note that at this point the buyer has already received the order confirmation.

This flowchart is available in Walmart’s API documentation. 

How Jet Orders Flow

Jet and Walmart orders have a similar flow structure, but the key terms have slightly different meanings. When an order is placed, the initial status is “Created”. Jet scans each order for potential fraud, once that is done, the order will update to “Ready”, at which point the order must be acknowledged within 15 minutes.

You can read more about Jet order statuses in Jet API documentation.