Pricing Management

GeekSeller offers a panel that allows sellers to see and manage products pricing across channels from a single panel.

Read or write

Sellers can select a mode per each account. You can, for example, use GeekSeller to read prices from eBay and display them on GeekSeller, but use GeekSeller to submit prices to Jet and Walmart. No matter what you selected, you always need to specify, which place you will use to manipulate prices – you cannot adjust pricing in a few locations.

  • Read Mode: sellers can select to read prices from a platform and show them in GeekSeller. In this mode, GeekSeller only reads pricing from marketplaces, and a seller cannot adjust pricing from within GeekSeller panel.
  • Write Mode: sellers can manage product prices from GeekSeller. In this mode, sellers must make sure they do not change pricing on marketplaces, but it happens only via GeekSeller panel.

Limitations and delays

Delays in pricing transition depend on a marketplace (their API limits and quotas), a time you submit pricing, and also how competitive your pricing is (more competitive price will be updated faster).

Our panel is updating data in a table on click, us a button located in the bottom left a corner or click refresh a page button in your browser.

When you manage prices via GeekSeller (GeekSeller to Marketplace data submission), the submission works very fast.

  • GeekSeller is able to send prices in less than 5 minutes, then there is only a delay of a marketplace processing the request. This processing time may take anything from 15 min, up to a few hours (for example Jet and Walmart rely on feeds submission and a long process of their processing by Walmart and Jet).
  • On average you may expect prices to be visible on a marketplace from 5 to 30 minutes.

When you manage prices on marketplaces (Marketplace to GeekSeller data transfer) and we only read prices and display them on GeekSeller, the process is slower.

  • It may take anything from 5 min to 6 hours to receive data about your product prices. It is very market dependent:
    • Prices changed on WordPress, BigCommerce, Amazon or eBay will be visible on GeekSeller usually within 30 min.
    • Changes of pricing on Walmart and Jet will be reflected on GeekSeller on average within a few hours. This is due to the limitations of those marketplaces, which return new feeds about prices every 6 hours.
    • GeekSeller gets new prices from Etsy every 24 hours, at around midnight EST. This is due to very strict Etsy API limits.
  • The slowest marketplaces are Walmart and Jet.  Those marketplaces are not designed for a fast pricing adjustment activity, processing information from them takes time. This is more common that sellers rather submit prices to Jet and Walmart.
  • Amazon prices:
    • Typically, you can expect delays of about 2 when data goes from Amazon to GeekSeller.
    • If you need to see prices faster in GeekSeller, you can request additional functionality which will speed up the updates. However, this also has some limits:
      • If your offer is among top 20 offers, you will see your pricing updated on GeekSeller very fast usually within 5 min.
      • If you sell a product with many other sellers competing, and your offer is not among the first 20 offers, you will see prices updating on GeekSeller much slower, expect delays of even 2 hours.
    • If you have it set up to have prices coming from Amazon to GeekSeller Master panel, this will work only for products with quantity above 0. GeekSeller at the moment does not read prices from Amazon of products that are not available for sale.