Managing Jet Quantities

Jet uses Fulfillment Nodes to represent your warehouses. You can add new fulfillment nodes from > Fulfillment. This post will go over a few options available for updating your inventory.

  1. Update a single product from the products list view:
    • Simply enter the updated quantity and hit the small update button below the quantity field.
  2. Updating more than one product from the list view:
    • Enter the updated quantities in each field without hitting the small update quantity button under each listing.
    • Instead, once you’re done updating all the products on a single page, hit the button at the bottom of your screen.
  3. From an individual product’s “Edit Product” page
    •  Click on the SKU and update the quantity
    • Hit the ‘Save and Export to Jet” button to export the quantity right away
    • Alternatively, you can save without exporting and either export multiple products at once from the products page or request that the GeekSeller team submit your products to Jet in bulk.
  4. Update quantity using a file
    • Go to Tools > Bulk Qty Update
    • Download your inventory file
    • Update your quantities and save the file
    • Then go to Tools > Import from CSV and import the file

5. You can also have your quantity synchronized with outside numbers:

  • FTP via CSV file exchange, see details here
  • Amazon synchronization
  • We also allow merchants to synchronize their quantity with a variety of 3rd party places such as Shopify and BigCommerce.