Updating Column Headers from All Listings Report

Once you convert your file from TXT from CSV you’ll need to update the column headers.


Deleting unneeded information

When you open your file, you’ll see the headers that describe the data Amazon has provided. GeekSeller can’t send all of this data to other marketplaces, so the next thing to do is delete columns that contain unneeded data.

To do this, highlight each unneeded column as shown below:

Then right click to open the menu shown below and click “Delete”

Delete all columns except for the ones shown below

(item-name, item-description, seller-sku, price, quantity, asin1, product-id)


Making your headers compatible with GeekSeller

Now that you have it narrowed down to just the columns you need, you’ll need to update the headers to the ones that GeekSeller’s system will recognize. See the tables below;


item-name Product title productName
item-description Description longDescription
seller-sku Merchant SKU SKU
price Price priceAmount
quantity quantityAmount
asin1 ASIN
product-id UPC code productIdentifiersUPC


Import your new file into GeekSeller

Please see the two images below. Following the links shown below will direct you the import pages, which include instructions on the actual import process. You must choose the import that corresponds with your file type(XLS or CSV). If you still have a TXT file from your Amazon import, please see this post to convert it.

You’ll be shown a preview of the first 15 lines, please review it and ensure that the correct file is being uploaded. Once it has been imported, you will need to fill in all missing data. Please see this post for Walmart, and this one for Jet.