Volume Fee on Jet Orders

Depending on how you have your Jet Engine Rules configured, you might see, at some point, something called a “Volume Fee” in your Jet order. The name can be misleading, as it is not a fee that is being charged by Jet or GeekSeller. This Volume Fee will only appear for sellers who have created a rule to provide discounts for bulk purchases.

For example: 

  • Let’s say you sell desk novelties, like stress toys. You then set a rule within the Jet Engine that states: “if a person buys 100 or more, you will provide them with a 10% discount.”
  • At some point, a buyer purchases 105 stress toys, at a value of $2.00 each. Their normal total bill would be $210.00.
  • However, since you provided the option for a bulk or volume discount, their total would instead be $189.00 ($200.00 minus 10%, which is $21.00).
  • On your Jet order within the GeekSeller interface, you will see a Volume Fee for $21.00, and that the buyer’s total is $189.00.

What the Volume Fee is, then, is actually the discount the buyer receives for purchasing your products in bulk and falling under the parameters you have set within your Jet Engine Rules. Since this amount has not been paid by the buyer, neither Jet nor GeekSeller receives any portion of this fee.