Walmart Personalized Products

Walmart now allows approved DSV sellers to offer customizable products. To use this feature, activate the Personalized Products option in your account. Below we’ll show you how to configure your customizable products in GeekSeller.

Buyers can customize:

  • Engraved text
  • Printed images
  • Size

Update an Individual Product

Go to the Attributes tab and select “Yes” under the “Personalizable product” attribute. Then select which personalization template you want to use.

The template you select will determine what attributes can be personalized and how the listing will look on Walmart.
GeekSeller users can create custom templates. Please contact support for details.

Update in Bulk

You can the spreadsheet format shown below to enable and assign personalization options for multiple products at once.
Before uploading, contact GeekSeller Support to get the appropriate personalization_template_id.

 SKU is_personalizable personalization_template_id
 abc-1  Yes 26
 abc-2  Yes 26
 abc-3  Yes 27