Where to find API Keys for Google Shopping integration

  1. Log in to Merchants.Google.com
  2. Go to Settings > Content API > Authentication > Create API Keys
  3. This action will download a file named “content-api-key.json”, which we will need later in the process
  4. Go back to Merchants.Google.com, then go to SettingsAccount access
  5. Click on the API user you just added (it will be a long email address.) Then select the Standard and Order manager options
  6. To finish click Save at the bottom of the page. This completes the Merchant Center setup.
  7. Next, find the “content-api-key.json” file generated in step 3 and open it with your a text editing program
  8. Go to your GeekSeller Google panel > My Accounts and to insert the content of the file there then click Save.
  9. The page will automatically reload and a message indicating a successful connection should appear. Please keep in mind it may take up to 15 minutes for the keys to be activated by Google, so the keys may not work immediately.
  10. The last, not required but strongly suggested step is to create the Supplemental Feed.