Adding Amazon MWS Account to EasyPost

  1. Login to your EasyPost account, from a drop-down under your email address select Carrier Accounts.
  2. Search for Amazon AWS Account, you will see this popup. This data needs to be taken from your Seller Central and your AWS account.

  3.  Seller ID can be found on > Settings  > User Permissions

  4. AWS Access Key ID and Secret Key need to be generated from your account. If you do not have your AWS account, create one using the same credentials you use for your Amazon Seller Central.

    Login to your account, and search for IAM services:

  5. Go to users then click a button Add User
  6. There will be few steps, in which you need to provide a name of the user, and select permissions, make sure you allow this user to have a full access to your account features:

  7. The last screen will provide two values that you need to insert into your EasyPost account: