Common EasyPost error


This error can be seen when generating the shipping label. It is triggered by EasyPost because their anti-fraud system flagged your account for manual review, preventing you from purchasing postage. This is completely normal and standard procedure. To clear the manual review, you need to contact EasyPost to provide a little more details about your business.

You can also contact GeekSeller for help and we will contact EasyPost on your behalf. Please send us answers to the following questions if you would like GeekSeller to assist you with clearing this error:

  • What city and zip code will you be mostly shipping from?
  • What kind of product are you generally shipping?
  • About how many packages per month do you intend to ship through EasyPost?
  • Can you provide us with the website and phone number for your business?

For more details about EasyPost errors please visit EasyPost FAQ or contact our support.