3PL Central Integration

GeekSeller uses the new 3PL Central REST API. Before you can connect GeekSeller with your3PL Central account, you need to contact support@3plcentral.com and request access to 3PL Central REST API. In your request, please mention you need specific permissions. You can use the following template:

To: support@3plcentral.com
Subject API: REST API credentials request


We are integrating our 3PL Central account with GeekSeller and we need our REST API credentials:

  • Customer ID
  • Facility  ID
  • 3PL Key
  • 3PL Username
  • 3PL Password

We need the API credentials to have the following permissions:

  • orders – read/write
  • items – read
  • inventory – read
  • customers – read

As soon as 3PL sends the credentials, please provide them to GeekSeller support to activate the integration.