Blank Box Fulfillment

Blank Box Fulfillment program offers unbranded packaging for items that you ship to non-Amazon customers using your FBA inventory.

After you connect Amazon with our system, we will automatically import your products and create three warehouses:

  • FBM
  • FBA
  • FBA (Blank Box)

This is important to remember that FBA (Blank Box) is just a subset of your FBA inventory. But it indicates how many products do you have that are eligible for the Blank Box Fulfillment program. For example, if a product has FBA 10 qty and FBA (Blank Box) 5 quantity, this means you have 10 units in Amazon warehouses, and 5 of them are eligible to be shipped with non-Amazon packaging (“blank boxes”).

We keep those units as a separate warehouse so that you can easily send this inventory to your other channels. For example, if you want to fulfill your eBay orders with the Blank Box boxes only, you would want to send to eBay only information about your blank box units. Below is an example in which we send to eBay inventory from the FBA (Blank Box) and from our local warehouse (My Warehouse, which quantity is managed manually via our interface), but not from the FBA note that contains also not eligible for Blank Box units. You can adjust data flow in Settings > Manage Warehouses.