eFulfillment Service Integration Setup

Before you start the integration process, please contact GeekSeller support and request enabling eFulfillment integration. This extension allows GeekSeller to exchange order information with eFulfillment, as well as synchronize inventory levels.

1. Log in to your efulfillmentservice.com account.

2. Go to Integrations > Add Integration. Select GeekSeller from the list.

3. Fill out the form. You will need a username and password that will be provided to you by GeekSeller support.

4. Go to Integrations > View Integrations


5. You will see here a list of options for the integration. Before you activate it, you need to set up few things. You can also visit this post on the eFullfilment support page to learn more.


SKUs Mapping

If your products have different SKUs on GeekSeller than you have them listed in eFulfillment, you need to map them:

  • Click on View Items from the action menu for the GeekSeller extension (see a screenshot above)
  • Add a custom SKU as it is present in GeekSeller (Add Custom Item)
  • Click in an “i” icon to see mapping options


For a selected product, you need to pick from a drop-down menu “SKU at EFS” which product from the eFulfillment database should be linked to this selected GeekSeller SKU:


Mapping Shipping Methods

You need to map Shipping Methods.


Walmart Shipping Methods

Walmart sends orders with four possible shipping method values (OneDay, Standard, Express, Value). Below is a table with Cart Methods that you need to insert, as well as suggested Warehouse Shipping Methods – this is just a suggestion and you should decide on your own which shipping method should be linked to Walmart’s requested methods.

Cart Shipping Method Warehouse Shipping Service Add Signature Required Service
Value USPS First Class No
Standard USPS First Class No
Express USPS First Class No
OneDay USPS Priority No


Below you can find some information about Walmart shipping standards which will help you to decide which Warehouse Shipping Services to chose. You can also visit Walmart FAQ for more information.