Extract Attribute Names from Titles in Spreadsheet

Very often you have products with names that indicate attributes assigned to those products. For example:

The fastest way to transfer the attribute data to appropriate columns is by using an option called “Text to Columns” (this name may vary in different spreadsheet editors).

  1. Create a copy of your data, by for example copying it to another Sheet.
  2. Select the column with titles, and go to Data > Text to Columns… (this is how it is named in OpenOffice)
  3. Depending on your titles structure you may select a different separator, but in this case, I am choosing Space and Tab:
  4. This way I have my colors and sizes in separate columns.
  5. I can now copy them to proper columns in my original sheet.
  6. For more complex titles and many products, you may need to divide your data into smaller batches and extract attributes from titles separately from products that need a different separator to be used. It is also common that even after this automatic extraction of values from titles, some manual work is needed to be done and a review of data is always recommended.