BigCommerce Inventory Tracking settings

To enable quantity synchronization for your products, you’ll need to activate BigCommerce Inventory Tracking in your BigCommerce account.

To Update a Single Product

Go to the Inventory tab. There, you’ll see three options:

  • If your product is a single product, select Track inventory for this product
  • If your product has variations, select¬†Track inventory by options (from the ‘Options’ tab above)

BigCommerce inventory tracking

To Update in Bulk

Solution 1

Using a CSV file, add the header “Track Inventory”. In the column, enter one of the following phrases for each product:

  • “by product” for single products
  • “by option” for products with variations (you assign this value to the parent product, not children):

BigCommerce inventory tracking

Solution 2

Go to the Products tab. There you need to choose “Bulk edit” and click “Confirm”.

BigCommerce inventory tracking

On the next page, you need to change “Track inventory” to “Product level” or “Variant level”.

BigCommerce inventory tracking

When it’s done, click “Save” in the bottom right corner.

You find more details on BigCommerce Inventory Tracking here. If you are interested in our BigCommerce integration please check this post.