Joining a Listing on Amazon

If you sell unique products, you’ll need to create new listings on Amazon. However, if your products have been listed on Amazon by other sellers, you can try to join the existing Amazon listings.

You can join a single listing through your Amazon Seller Central by going to Catalog > Add Product, then use the Search Amazon’s catalog box to find and join the listing. GeekSeller enables you to join listings in bulk.

Using GeekSeller to Join Amazon Listings

The life cycle of a product on GeekSeller’s Amazon panel:

Joining products on Amazon

  1. Go to GeekSeller’s Amazon Panel > Tools > Product Import and import the simple spreadsheet containing SKU and ASIN (UPC, EAN). Although it isn’t required, we recommend including a Price column.
  2. From GeekSeller’s Amazon Panel, select the imported products, then from Bulk action choose Join Amazon Listing.

    You can click Join Listing on Amazon located on the product page or next to eligible items on the Products page:
  3. Products may go back to the draft section with errors.
    IMPORTANT: If one product fails, the entire submission may also fail. Go to Products > Products with error to see failed all products and errors.
  4. If products are successfully submitted, they will appear in your Amazon Seller Central.
  5. Submitted products will be marked as Published and we will request more data about the products from Amazon. Any existing data in GeekSeller will not be overwritten by data imported from Amazon. Do not modify product data during the import. Keep in mind:
    • Imports take place every hour, so there will be a delay between you sending the request to GeekSeller and GeekSeller sending the request to Amazon.
    • New imports will not be executed when prior requests are in progress for your account. Requests are taken first come first serve, and executed in the order they were requested.
  6. GeekSeller will send you a link requesting category mapping when we receive the additional data from Amazon. If you do not receive this request, it is likely that our system was able to intuitively map your categories.
  7. Once your categories are mapped, you’ll receive an email confirmation with a spreadsheet containing imported products.

Common Errors

  • ERRORYou are not authorized to list products under this brand.
    To sell products under certain brands, you need to add the SKU(s) under this brand through the Add a Product page and follow the application instructions.
    SOLUTION: Gain approval to sell this brand.
    You can request it by going to your Amazon Seller Central > Catalog > Add Product, then use the Search Amazon’s catalog to find the product, then follow the instructions for requesting approval.
  • ERROR: Merchant is not authorized to sell products under this restricted product group.
    SOLUTION: See the solution explained in the error above.
  • ERROR: Element ‘Value’: ‘XXXXXXX’ is not a valid value of the local atomic type.
    SOLUTION: The provided value is not correct. This usually applies to ASINs. Adjust the provided value and resubmit.