Mercado Libre Catalog

Mercado Libre Catalog is a product database created internally by the Mercado Libre team. In short, listings that are included in the catalog compete with other sellers’ offers. It is a concept similar to Walmart and Amazon Buy Box. However, there are a few significant differences.

Setting up Mercado Libre Catalog Listing

  1. On Mercado Libre, users can decide which products they want to include in the catalog. Not all of the listings are eligible. You can check if your products qualify on listing settings, or through the link on the bottom of this page.

mercado libre catalog

  1. When you decide to add a product to Mercado Libre Catalog, it will create a new listing on your account marked as catalog. Both products will be available for sale on the Mercado Libre marketplace.
    • Your catalog listing will be displayed on the Product Page – the page where all catalog listings of a specific product are centralized. This page ranks higher in searches, therefore, there is a higher chance of sales. Mercado Libre is taking care of the quality of listing data (images, descriptions, etc.). You will only be able to edit price, type of listing, and shipping method on catalog listings.
    • Your general listing is the one used to create a catalog listing – this will be still available for sale as a regular Mercado Libre offer. You can edit this product freely and offer different price and shipping methods than for catalog listing.
    • Important – orders for either listing will decrease quantity on both catalog and general product.

How to win?

  1. Products in the Mercado Libre Catalog compete with other sellers of the same product, in order to be the first option that buyers see. To be the winner you need to:
    • Offer the best purchase condition, which includes price and shipping cost.
    • Make sure you have a good reputation. Mercado Libre prioritize the listings of sellers with higher reputation.

If you are not winning on the Product Page your listings will be still available in the more options list:

mercado libre catalog

For more information about Catalog Listings please see this post.

If you are interested in Mercado Libre integration click here or contact our support team for details.