Mercado Libre Seller’s Metrics (Reputation)

Your reputation reflects your performance, and it measures the quality of service you offer to buyers. In Mercado Libre, 5 colors reflect your reputation: 

You can see your reputation details on the Summary page in your Seller account. This is a very important metric, as per your reputation, Mercado Libre covers a part of sellers’ shipping cost.

Mercado Libre calculates sellers reputation based on three metrics:

  • Claims – The number of complaints the seller receives from buyers. They should not be more than 2% of your total sales for Mexico, 3% for Brazil, and 5% for Chile.
  • Cancellation rate – The number of canceled orders by the seller. The rate of canceled sales should not be over 4% when it comes to Mexico, and it should be below 3% in the case of Brazil. This rule is not applicable to Chile for the time being.
  • Handling time – The time it takes for sellers to deliver the package to the carrier. If you send within a 72-hour range, your reputation will not be negatively affected. Shipments with delay in handling time should not be over 15% for Mexico and Brazil and 20% for Chile.

What time frame is used to calculate reputation?

Mercado Libre takes into account the past 60 days. If you have not reached a considerable number of sales in the last 60 days, Mercado Libre will consider sales from the last 365 days (1 year).

For more details about how the reputation works, see this guide on Mercado Libre. If you are looking for Mercado Libre integration please see this link.