Package Dimensions

You can automatically select predefined shipping carrier packages using GeekSeller Automation Rules. If you use a custom size packaging, GeekSeller can automatically calculate your package dimensions based on your product size.

Depending on how you pack your products in a shipping box, you may want GeekSeller to keep some dimensions constant while increasing others for each item.

Go to GeekSeller Master Panel > Settings > Shipping Label settings to adjust which values you would like to change:

Selecting and deselecting line items that you generate a label for dynamically adjust the package dimensions.

With the setting above, only the Width is adjusted, the following will happen:

  • When both line items are selected, we sum W (respecting qty), then L and H are selected to be the largest of values from the selected products
  • When one of the line items is deselected, the values are dynamically recalculated