Updating Inventory Levels for Walmart

You can update quantity for your products via GeekSeller panel in few ways:

  1. Update a single product from the products list view:
    • Simply enter the updated quantity and hit the small update button below the quantity field.
    • Keep in mind, this can’t be done more than 10 times per hour. See here for details.
  2. Updating more than one product from the list view:
    • Enter the updated quantities in each field without hitting the small update qty button under each listing.
    • Instead, once you’re done updating all the products on a single page, hit the button at the bottom of your screen.

  3. From an individual product’s “Edit Product” page
    • Click on the SKU and update the quantity
    • Hit the ‘Save and Export to Walmart” button to export the quantity right away
    • Keep in mind, this can’t be done more than 10 times per hour. See here for details.

  4. Update quantity in bulk via file
    • Go to Tools > Bulk Qty Update
    • Download your inventory file
    • Update your quantities and save the file
    • Then go to Tools > Import from CSV and import the file

  5. You can also have your quantity synchronized with outside numbers:
    • CSV/TXT File Exchange Integration
    • For Amazon synchronization please go to Extensions > Amazon and provide your Amazon API credentials, then contact GeekSeller support to activate it for you. We can sync your FBM numbers with Walmart.
    • Synchronization with other marketplaces, see details here.
  6. If you sell on Jet, we can sync quantities between the two panels free of charge
    • Control your quantities from the Jet panel for both Jet and Walmart
    • Contact us at Support@GeekSeller.com for more details