Setup by Match

If you sell a product that already exists on Walmart, you can join the listing as an additional seller by using a Setup by Match functionality. Comparing to the regular product submission, Setup by Match allows you to join a listing without the need of submitting all the product data.

  1. Go to panel > Products > Create New Product.
  2. Search for products by product name, UPC/EAN, you can even paste here a URL to Walmart listing. This search allows you to look for multiple search queries at a time.
  3. On the results page, provide your price and SKU to join the listing. You can even join many listings at the same time. Pro tip: take advantage of the bulk submission of products to combine the creation of your product in one feed. You should avoid adding one product at a time, as Walmart limits the submission of products to 10 feeds per hour.

  4. GeekSeller will submit products to Walmart and shortly you will see them on the Product list. You can see the status of the submission in the Export Statuses section.

You can also submit products with Setup by Match from the products page bulk action:

If you want to join a listing that already exists on all you need is the following data:

  • SKU
  • Category and Subcategory
  • Price
  • Shipping weight in lbs
  • One standardized product identifier (WPID, GTIN or UPC)
  • Tax Code

All products which meet the requirements for Setup by match are located under Tools > Setup by match.

You can edit the required values from this page. Multiple buttons allow you to save the products and export them to Walmart.

Important: In this view, GeekSeller does not detect if a product is available on Walmart and eligible for Setup by match. 

  • After you submit products to Walmart, you can see if they were processed by going to Export Statuses, as you would do for the regular submission.