Setup by Match

If you sell a product that already exists on, you can join the listing as an additional seller by using a Setup by Match functionality. Comparing to the regular product submission, Setup by Match allows you to join a listing without a need of submitting all the product data.

If you want to join an existing on listing all you need is the following data:

  • SKU
  • Category and Subcategory
  • Price
  • Shipping weight in lbs
  • One standardized product identifier (WPID, GTIN or UPC)
  • Tax Code

There are two ways to submit products with Setup by Match function:

  • From the products page bulk action
  • Or from a product details page


All products which meet the requirements for Setup by match are located under Tools > Setup by match.

You can edit the required values from this page and multiple buttons allow you to save the products and export to Walmart. Important: In this view, GeekSeller does not detect if a product is available on Walmart and eligible for Setup by match. 

  • After you submit products to Walmart, you can see if they were processed by going to Export Statuses, as you would do for the regular submission.