Shipping on Mercado Libre

Most US merchants selling on Mercado Libre are enrolled in Mercado Libre shipping via logistic partners. In the US, the partner is DHL. With this solution, sellers do not need to worry about cross-border related challenges. Mercado Libre provides ready to print labels, the seller just needs to drop off packages to DHL.

It is important to know that delivery with this method is based on DDP (delivered duty paid). It means that the shipper delivers the goods with all the paperwork, and import duties, taxes paid. Thanks to Mercado Libre’s partnership with DHL:

  1. Sellers do not need to worry about the aforementioned formalities.
  2. The shipping cost is either covered entirely by a buyer or is covered partially by a seller, as Mercado Libre covers part of this cost as well. For details about the shipping cost, see this page.

Below, we show the formula to calculate the costs.

  • For products below 8 kg (17.6 lb), buyers on Mercado Libre get free shipping, and they only pay for items, duties, and taxes. The seller is covering the shipping. However, based on the seller’s reputation, Mercado Libre contributes to and covers part of the shipping cost. Example:
  • For products above 8 kg (17.6 lb), buyers on Mercado Libre need to pay for the shipping, as well as the items, duties, and taxes. No extra cost for a seller! Example:

How to ship Mercado Libre orders using GeekSeller

Go to your GeekSeller Orders section, then click on the Mercado Libre order, you will see a button “Get DHL Label from Mercado Libre” which will generate a label. You will then need to drop off a ready-to-ship package at your local DHL. If you have more than 10 orders per day, you can contact Mercado Libre to arrange DHL doing daily pickup from your warehouse.

For further questions please contact GeekSeller Support. You can also watch our video about Mercado Libre integration here: