eBay SKU (Custom Label) field

eBay allows users to assign SKUs (Custom Labels) field to products. This is not a required field, but if sellers want to synchronize inventory levels and take advantage of multichannel fulfillment tools, eBay SKU is necessary to keep products identified across different marketplaces.

If you wish to add SKUs to products on your eBay, you have two options: do it via GeekSeller interface or eBay. Option 1 is much simpler.

Option 1: Adding SKU (Custom Labels) to eBay products from GeekSeller Interface

If you do not have SKUs on your products on eBay, the simplest way to fix it is by downloading products from eBay to GeekSeller, and then use our Bulk SKU Update functionality. Please refer to this guide to update your eBay SKUs: https://support.geekseller.com/knowledgebase/adjusting-ebay-skus/ 

Option 2: Uploading SKUs directly via eBay.

Make sure you have a selling manager application installed on your eBay account. It is a free tool that gives you more control over your listings.

Go to your Applications Manager and subscribe to Selling Manager:

This is how your Selling Manager Dashboard will look if you have it activated:

You can now edit your products and edit their SKUs:

Option 2 continuation: Bulk SKU update via eBay.com

1. Request download file from your Download Section (if you do not have this option activated on your eBay, see this tutorial).

2. Imported file will have many columns

You can delete all columns except Item ID, and Custom Label, then remove space from those headers converting them to ItemID and CustomLabel. Also, you need to add a new column called Action and put a value Revise (you can read more about actions and data exchange eBay functionality here). We also recommend keeping the Title column as a help to identify the items until you are finished changing the SKUs. Your final CSV file may look like this:
ebay sku

In this example, we change ‘abc’ SKU to ‘abc1’


3. In the File Exchange section, you click on upload Listings and Updates where you upload your just created file.


4. If you now import products to GeekSeller, they will come with SKUs. If your products were in GeekSeller before you added SKUs to them via described above method, you need to switch to your eBay panel and click on Products > Import products from eBay.