SWW Ground – Orders Consolidation

How it works

  1. Let’s assume you received 3 orders from Walmart.ca, and you want to ship them via SWW Ground.
  2. You will print labels for each individual shipment and place them on the boxes.

  3. Then, you will consolidate those orders — you will put them onto another big box, and use the Consolidation functionality to print one more label that will go on the big box. This box will be shipped to one of Walmart’s hubs located in the US.


How to consolidate SWW Ground orders via GeekSeller interface

  1. Go to GeekSelelr Master Panel > Orders section, select an order, and print SWW Ground Label. You will attach this label to the package with products sold in this order.
  2. Print labels for all the orders you want to consolidate, make sure they are marked as Shipped.
  3. Select Shipped orders you want to consolidate
  4. From the bulk menu click Consolidate (Walmart CA)
  5. You will be taken to the page with consolidation shipment details. When you are ready, you can click a green button to Submit COnsolidation to Walmart Canada. After you click on this button, a consolidated shipping label will be generated, you will put this label on the big box in which you will insert individual orders.
  6. You can see all your consolidated groups in a panel located under Orders > Walmart CA Consolidations.
  7. All your orders that you consolidated will be marked with an icon shown below (located in a column carrier). You can click on the icon to see a popover containing a link to the consolidation details