Updating Walmart SKUs

You cannot change the SKU of a product already submitted to the Walmart marketplace. You need to make sure that you provide the correct SKUs for your products upon the first submission, however, if you need to make some adjustments you can follow these steps to update your Walmart SKU.

Please use this method with caution as mistakes may result in unpublishing of your product. 

  1. For the purpose of this article let’s say that we want to change SKU: RH-FGR-H8B to RH-123-456. First, you need to search for the SKU: RH-FGR-H8B and duplicate it:
  2.  Enter the new SKU that you want to assign to this product, in the pop-up. In this case: RH-123-456 Updating Walmart SKUs

You should now have two identical products with different SKUs on the panel. The duplicate should be in draft:Walmart SKU update



  1. Now you need to zero out the quantity of SKU: RH-FGR-H8B, click the Update Qty button, and then archive it: Walmart SKU update
  2. To publish the product under new SKU: RH-123-456 you need to submit it with SKU override (please read this post for details on how to apply it correctly): SKU override - Updating Walmart SKUs

After submission, you can check if the update was successful on the Export Statuses tab. If there are any errors in the feed you can contact our support team for assistance with updating Walmart SKUs.