Competitive Price Adjustment Program (CPA)

Currently, Walmart CPA is an invite-only program, and eligible sellers receive an enrolment email from Walmart. If you are not sure if you are invited, you can follow the steps described below to download your CPA report.

How does Competitive Price Adjustment Program (CPA) work?

CPA program has been created by Walmart to ensure customers are offered competitive prices. If the price displayed on Walmart and charged to the customer is lower than the price submitted by the seller for the item, the seller receives the same payment for the item as if the item’s price was not adjusted.

For example:

  • A seller sets the price of its eligible item at $50, with $5 shipping.
  • The price displayed to the customer is $48 with $5 shipping, and the customer is charged $48, with $5 shipping.
  • A seller receives payment for the sale as if the price charged and paid was $50 and $5 shipping.

How is it possible? Is Walmart losing on the transactions?  The seller will receive the same overall net pay for a product after the Walmart referral fee calculation – as if the item’s price was not adjusted. In most cases, this means Walmart will just receive a small commission, but this will ensure them to keep the competitive pricing on the marketplace.

Which products are eligible for CPA?

This program is ongoing, but items are eligible for this program only for a limited time, and only selected products can join the program. Walmart Marketplace is continuing to grow the CPA program and is actively seeking sellers who can offer the eligible items. Sellers cannot apply for the program, but they can check if their products are eligible. To see what products in your catalog are eligible for the CPA program, go to your Walmart GeekSeller panel, then go to Products > CPA Program and download a report.

Report example:

  • Partner ID – Partner ID on
  • SKU – your SKU
  • SKU OPT IN – The opt-in status for the SKU:
    • Y – a products is eligible and enrolled in the CPA
    • N – a product is eligible, but not enrolled in the CPA
  • PRODUCT NAME –  products name
  • CURRENCY – please use USD, as you work with the Walmart US marketplace
  • PRICE – The item’s current price
  • SHIP PRICE – The shipping price of the specified item

Please note that all the parameters from this file, except Partner ID and SKU are for information purpose only and will be ignored during the upload.

What do sellers need to do?

All eligible items are enrolled by default, so if a seller wants to keep them all in the program, there is no action needed.

Important: products enrolled in CPA program behavior

  • Your products will get a new status change reason:
  • Seller Center will show reduce prices, those which are offered on to buyers. This means if you submit to Walmart a price of $10 for your SKU, but the product is enrolled to CPA program and Walmart priced it for $8, you will see $8 in Seller Center.

How to exclude products from the CPA?

If you want to exclude items from CPA, you must download the report as explained above, then change the SKU OPT IN status to N and upload the file back (both import and export should be done via CPA section in GeekSeller panel).