Walmart Error: Compliance – Consumer Protection

The Walmart error “Compliance – Consumer Protection” might indicate that your product was classified as violating Regulatory Compliance, Intellectual Property, or being marked as Offensive Product.

In many cases, products are marked with this error by mistake; below are the steps you might take to resolve it:

  1. Try to resubmit your products.
  2. Check if your products do not fall under the prohibited category due to product and food safety regulations (Crib bumpers and foods that contain drug claims; consumer protection infractions like firearms and prescription drugs; other restricted items such as gambling and surveillance products). Suppose they don’t; check for content on those products that might trigger marking them as prohibited.
  3. Check your product content for anything that might classify them as offensive products due to containing profanity, sexually explicit images, or that promote or glorifying violence.
  4. Unfortunately, you must create a support case with the Walmart team in most cases. Request specific details on why your product is unpublished with this error, state that you believe it is a mistake, and request that it be published. If you have the right to sell the product, provide appropriate documentation to support your claim.