Walmart Error: IP-related

Walmart might return different IP-related errors. Examples are provided below:

  • IP-Counterfeit Low-Severity
  • IP-Copyright Low-Severity
  • Error: IP-Copyright PCP
  • IP – Other
  • Restricted Brand (For Walmart internal use only: RCTSUPPORT-66938)
  • Trademark
  • IP – Copyright
  • Patent

Solution: Open a support case to prove you have the rights to sell the product and that your items are the original products.

If you are the brand owner of the products encountering this error, you should register for a Walmart Brand Account.

Walmart does not allow listings that violate the intellectual property rights of brands or rights owners. You need to create a support case with Walmart, in which you should provide proof of the authenticity of your products and authorization to sell them. Ideally, you should provide an invoice from the manufacturer, a letter of authorization, a licensing agreement, or a court order.