Walmart Errors

Below you can find the most common Walmart error codes and fixes for marketplace sellers. If you are a GeekSeller user and need help with these errors please let us know.


Status Change Reason

Action You Should Take

Walmart error 429 Throttling Limits: while ingesting the feed, you need to follow the throttling limit of 10 feeds per hour. The limits reset every 60 minutes. You can process the feed at any interval within an hour. For example, you can take all 10 feeds within one minute or five minutes, or unequal gaps between the feeds. Any violations in the thresholds may result in a 429 error – “Too Many Requests”.
Primary Image Missing This means that there is no primary image for your item.
Re-submit this item with a valid primary image. In some cases, this error appears even when the image was submitted and is valid. Re-submission of the product, in this case, solve the issue as well.
Offer End Date Has Passed When you set up your item, you put an offer end date that occurred in the past.
Re-submit the item with an offer end date further in the future.
Read more about this error and how to fix it.
Price Parity Not Satisfied  A customer would save by purchasing this product on a competing website from the same seller.

Please update your price and your item should be republished.

Read more about this error and how to fix it.

Price Leadership Not Satisfied /

Reasonable Price Not Satisfied

This rule will automatically unpublish items from Walmart if a customer would save drastically by purchasing the item on a competing website.

Please update your price and your item should be republished.

Trust and Safety Violation Your product is in violation of the rules and regulations of your Retailer Agreement.
Update your product to meet the standards outlined in the Retailer Agreement and resubmit.
If you are experiencing this error with any of your Walmart products please reach out to Walmart support team to find out more information.
An internal error occurred while publishing this item There was a system error while ingesting your item. Re-submit the item.
Business Decision Restricted Brand – Please reach out to Walmart for more information.
Malformed data. Please check the data file to ensure it is formatted properly. If you are using the parameter “CUSTOM” please make sure you are approved by Walmart to use. Otherwise please reach out to GeekSeller so we can check with our development team further.
Uniqueness constraint violated for OFFER Please reach out to Walmart as they will need to make changes to your account.
This product has a significantly different title or price from Walmart existing offers with the same Product ID (GTIN, UPC, EAN, etc.)

  1. Check to make sure that you have entered the correct Product ID, title, and price for the item. Correct any errors in Product ID, title or price and resubmit the items with the correct export feed.
  2. If you do not have any errors, you can look up the existing item on using the Item ID (found in the Item Report). Take the Item ID and put it at the end of the URL to see the existing listing.

If you believe your item is correct and our current listing is incorrect, contact Walmart Marketplace Support.

ERR_PDI_0034 The length of the UPC should be 12 or 13. The current UPC length is 13.

  1. Check the export feed for any item that has been assigned a UPC which is not 12 digits.
  2. Correct the UPC code and ensure that all the items are coded with 12-digit UPC codes.
  3. Resubmit the items with the corrected data.

If the problem persists, contact Walmart Marketplace Support.

ERR_PDI_0001  This Walmart error code is generated when an item is ingested with invalid data. All the mandatory information should be provided while calling the API.
A common example of invalid data is Shipping/Billable Weight set to 0.
*Check for any special characters
 Item ingestion 1. SKU provided does not match Walmart records for this given item.

2. The length of GTIN should be less than 14. The current GTIN length is 26.

ShipNode is invalid This error can be sometimes resolved by resubmitting products and their quantity (button export quantity to Walmart).
However, in most cases, Walmart support must be contacted. When creating a ticket, please be sure to provide to Walmart support: SKU effected and inventory level FEED ID which has this error.
No Item found with given SKU This Walmart error can only appear in the quantity feed. It means that the product you have submitted was not completely uploaded to Walmart yet and the quantity feed is being rejected. To fix it simply resubmit your quantities.

Read more about this error and how to fix it. 

“It looks like there was a glitch on our end. Please contact Walmart Partner Support by creating a case. Include the code OSRFM along with the imported SKU(s). “
Some potential solutions for this error are:

  • Check your images for extra characters after the extension. For example, “.jpg?w=400” should be changed to “.jpg”
  • Check your listing’s start and end dates using this Walmart article as a reference.
IMS set up is pending This Walmart error message is generated when the export was interrupted on Walmart end– refresh the status or export the product to Walmart and it will be published within 24 hours.
Republish (For Walmart internal use only: RCTTECHSVC-79115) TRCTTECHSVC-79115 is not really an error, but just an internal note for Walmart, and sellers should ignore it. This status means that a product is ready to be republished and go live. After resubmitting your products to Walmart, the RCTTECHSVC-79115 message should disappear.