Working with Walmart Shipping Templates

You can easily specify shipping settings for your Walmart products. Walmart is simplifying this process by introducing Shipping Templates. Walmart shipping templates let you manage your shipping settings across several products at once (e.g. service levels, shipping regions, transit times, and shipping rates).

For example, you can create a template called TwoDay Nationwide and assign only the SKUs you’re ready to offer. You could then customize the rest of your catalog with different templates such as ThreeDay Nationwide or Standard Shipping for other items across the country.

Sellers can create multiple shipping templates and map specific groups of SKUs to each. The process has two steps:

Step 1: Create templates on Walmart Seller Center

Select Walmart Shipping Templates under the Shipping Profile heading in the Settings drop-down. This will open the Seller Fulfillment Settings dashboard. For more details on how to create templates visit this Walmart Knowledge Base post.


  • Two-day shipping always wins if enabled. When you have Value and Two-day enabled on the template, the TwoDay configuration will always win price configuration.
  • If you do not offer Two-day shipping but you want to remove the free Value shipping, you need to create a special template called “Paid Standard Template”. This special template will remove the Value shipping and take the Standard rates as default.

Step 2: Assign templates to products via GeekSeller (this step can be also done via Walmart Seller Center)

  • You can edit individual product via the GeekSeller interface tab “Shipping Overrides”
  • Keep in mind that if you want to remove the template from a product you need to select “Remove” from the drop-down and submit to Walmart. The red X on the right will only remove a row.
  • Remember that submitting product data to Walmart does not send Shipping Templates information to Walmart, please use a dedicated button to send it.
  • You can also add or remove shipping templates via CSV, go to Tools > ShippingTemplates Bulk Update.