Bundles and kits

A bundle contains multiples of same item (2-pack, 3-pack etc.), while kits consist of several different products sold together.

When a bundle or kit is sold, the stock levels need to be adjusted for the bundle/kit and all of it’s components.

SKU: perfume-2-pack

Two of the same perfumes sold together.

SKU: beauty-kit

Two Perfumes + one soap sold together.

You cannot directly edit the number of bundles and kits, as their inventory levels are defined by the availability of their components (as this always holds, GeekSeller allows sellers to define a minimum and maximum amount of bundles and kits that can be listed on a marketplace through quantity rules).

The examples above would look as follows in spreadsheet form:

SKU Component SKU Component Qty
perfume-2-pack perfume 2
beauty-kit perfume 2
beauty-kit soap 1

Quantity management for bundles and kits:

  • When you sell a bundle or kit, the quantity of each component is reduced accordingly, which also reduces the amount of available bundles/kits.
  • If the individual components are sold, the amount of bundles/kits will be reduced accordingly.
  • Bundles and kits exist as regular products, with their own unique UPC/EAN, title, price, description, etc. defined independently from components, the only thing binding bundles and/or kits with their components is the quantity relationship.

View bundles and kits in GeekSeller

You can download a list of all your bundles/kits and components from Tools > Export Data to CSV/XLS.

Bundles, kits, and components are marked with blue text. When you mouse over them a popover explaining the details of the configuration appears.

  • This bundle’s popover shows that it has three component SKUs; child_bundle1child_bundle2, and child_bundle3.
    With respective 10, 2 and 3 counts in this bundle.
  • This popover shows that the bundle it belongs to contains 3 of this component.

Create Bundles and Kits in GeekSeller

Go to Master Panel > Tools > Bundle/kit import. Adding and editing is done via a spreadsheet.Please use the format shown above with the headers: SKU, Component SKU, and Component Qty. To remove a component from a bundle/kit, use an empty value or 0 in the Component Qty cell. For example, in order to remove the soap from the beauty-kit, you will upload this file:

SKU Component SKU Component Qty
beauty-kit soap 0