Changing lag time for Walmart products

IMPORTANT – Please keep in mind that the fulfillment lag time set above one day has to be approved by Walmart support. 1 day of lag means a seller has about 48 business hours to ship the order. If you set it above one day without permission, your lag time feeds will be rejected by Walmart API. You can request an extended fulfillment lag time on your Walmart Seller Center by submitting a support case.

The category path you need to follow to submit a request: Items & Inventory > Request exemption > Lag time exemption request: 

Shipping Standards for Walmart Marketplace Sellers

 Changing fulfillment lag time via GeekSeller

1. To change your fulfillment lag time for a specific product, click on the edition.

2. On the product edit tab, update the Fulfillment Lag Time field.

3. Click ‘Save and Export to Walmart’ to export the updates.

If you want to update it in bulk via Master Panel, you need to export your products to a file (Catalog > Export Products to a File) and modify the file to have only three columns – SKU, Marketplace, and Details:fulfillmentLagTime:

Adjust Details:fulfillmentLagTime column and upload file via Catalog -> Add/Edit Products via File Upload. Once the file is successfully uploaded, make sure all updated products are exported to Walmart. You can check the status of upload in Tools > Walmart US Feed.

If you want to update this value in bulk via GeekSeller Walmart panel, you need to export your products to a file, either by using Bulk Action or via Products > Export Products to CSV/XLS. Then, modify a file to have only two columns, SKU and fulfillmentLagTime:

Adjust numbers for fulfillmentLagTime column, and upload a file (Products -> Import tab). Then, you will need to export your products to Walmart. You can check if the feed was successful in the Export Statuses tab on your GeekSeller Walmart panel.