How to charge Shipping to 3rd party in ShipStation

If you work with a marketplace that covers a shipping cost, you will receive from them their shipping account information. If you use ShipStation to manage your orders, follow the steps below to activate Shipping to 3rd party in your ShipStation account.

  1. Go to Settings > Shipping > Ship From Locations and the location address provided by the marketplace. Below is an example of provided by Walmart DSV location:
  2. Go to Settings > Automation > Automation Rules
  3. In your criteria, select a source to be equal to the value sent by GeekSeller as a source. For Walmart DSV it is “walmartdsv”, for Wayfair it is “wayfair”.  In the criteria section, you can also add things like store name, etc., but the source and shipping account should be sufficient. In the actions section, select “Set Ship From Location” and select here the location you created in the first step.
  4. To confirm that the rule works, you need to check your shipping label, on which you should see the location: