Connecting BigCommerce with GeekSeller

The GeekSeller BigCommerce extension allows to sending quantity from BigCommerce to GeekSeller to other marketplaces. More features are in the works and will be announced soon. 

Important! Before you connect your BigCommerce store to GeekSeller system perform a backup of your products.

Follow these steps to connect BigCommerce and GeekSeller

  1. Log in to your BigCommerce store
  2. Go to Advanced Settings > API Accounts
  3. Create an API Account and name it ‘GeekSeller’
    • Copy API Path from this page, you will need this value
    • Select OAuth Scopes and select ‘modify’ for the following items: Content, Orders, Order Transactions, Products
  4. Save these settings and copy the following codes from the page and email them to us at
    • API Path
    • Client ID
    • Client Secret
    • Access Token