Returns on Walmart US Marketplace


From the buyer’s perspective:

Buyers can initiate a return in a few steps:

  1. Select item(s) from their order history under My Account
  2. Provide a reason for each returned item
  3. Print a label
  4. Drop the item off at a carrier drop-off location

From your perspective:

The scope of settings and exceptions:

  • Log in to your Refunds and Returns section in the Seller Center to create general rules for Refunds. What you set there will be assigned to each product by default.
  • Refund defaults can be overwritten during the refund process or they can be overwritten at the product level.

Return Attribute Fields

Return attributes give Walmart more information on how to treat your products. You can set up exemptions from your default return settings at the SKU level by editing them from the product edit page () or through a CSV file (see instructions below in the bulk update section).

  • Returns restricted
    Walmart allows buyers to initiate returns for all items, exceptions include Freight items and Hazmat items, see details here in the Return Eligibility section. For exceptions, customers will contact you.

    • To restrict returns on an item, choose “Yes” and provide a reason for the exemption under “Restriction Reason” as shown below:
  • Keep it
    Items below a certain price are not worth shipping back. When a customer returns this kind of item Walmart issues the refund immediately and tells the customer to keep the item. Walmart will immediately issue a refund for such items and the status will go straight to “completed.” You will not have a chance to adjust refund fees. In addition, we will show a “Keep it” label with the return record to let a seller know that the “keep it” rule was triggered.

    • You can designate which items are “Keep it” items from the drop-down shown below:
    • You can edit global settings in your Seller Central panel to assign the “Keep it” rule to all products within a certain category and/or price range.
  • Restocking fee (%)
    This value reduces the amount of money refunded to the buyer. This fee can apply if the buyer is at fault in some way.
  • Shipping fee
    This fee can be covered by you or the buyer.

    • You should cover the shipping fee if a mistake has clearly been made on your end (product arrived damaged, duplicate item, inadequate quality, incorrect item, missing parts, not as described, defective, etc.)
    • The buyer can be charged when the return is a customer’s fault (changed their mind about the purchase).
  • Return Center Alias
    You must have at least one return center, but you have the option to configure more than one. To optimize shipping charges, returns will go to the return center that is closest to the customer’s location. However, you can force a product to exclusively ship to a certain location by assigning specific aliases:

    • In your Seller Center
    • In GeekSeller

How are refunds calculated?

Say you receive a return for an item with a unit price of $6 and a return shipping fee of $3. You decide to apply a Restocking Fee of 10% and have a buyer to cover the shipping fee:

The restocking fee will be applied to the Unit Price.  So in this case, it’s 10% of $6.00 which is $0.60.

$6 (lineUnitPrice)
-$3 (return shipping fee)
-$0.60 (restocking fee)
$2.40 (total refund)

Overwriting individual product return/refund settings in bulk via CSV

The table below represents the CSV file that can be used to update the values mentioned above. Keep in mind that leaving fields empty will cause products to be assigned the default options specified in your Seller Center.

This file can be imported to GeekSeller via tools > CSV products data import.

CSV/XLS template:

SKU Keep It Restricted Restricted Reason Shipping Fee Restocking Fee % Returns Center (Alias)
abc-1 yes no SV
abc-2 no yes Freight 3.00 10 SV

Acceptable values:

  • Keep It and Restricted have three possible states:
    • Leave the cell blank if you want the product to use the default value set up in your Walmart Seller Center.
    • yes or 1
    • no or 0
  • Restricted Reason and Returns Center (Alias) are just text fields. Keep in mind “Restricted Reason” is used only if a value of Restricted is Yes.
  • Shipping fee – a number (for example 3.00) or leave the cell blank if you want the product to use the default value set up in your Walmart Seller Center.
  • Restocking Fee % – The percentage of restocking fee to be applied to this return. Do not use % sign, just a number (for example 10.00). This value cannot be larger than 20.00. Leave the cell blank if you want the product to use the default value set up in your Walmart Seller Center.

Other important rules about refunds and returns::

  • Don’t issue a refund before you receive the item
  • Once you receive the item, you have 48 hours to issue a refund. The return’s status will change to “delivered” once the tracking information is recognized by the system.
  • If you do not process the return within 48 hours, Walmart will automatically refund the buyer.
  • You are expected to issue a full refund. The only proper way to reduce a refund is by applying the fees mentioned above. You can also dispute refunds by contacting Walmart Seller Support. Keep in mind that Walmart monitors your appeals.
  • You have the option to issue an adjustment or discount on the original order to avoid a return. For example, if the product has a small scratch and the customer agrees to keep the item for a 10% discount.
  • You’ll issue a separate refund for each line item. Go to GeekSeller > Returns and edit the return as shown here:

Life Cycle of a Return

There are three return statuses: INITIATED -> DELIVERED -> COMPLETED. GeekSeller requests status updates and looks for new returns multiple times per hour.

Return status Event Tags Description Action required?
INITIATED RETURN_INITIATED The return has been initiated by the customer. No
RETURN_IN_TRANSIT The return is in transit. No
DELIVERED DELIVERED_AT_RETURN_CENTER The return has been delivered to the Return Center. Yes, a seller has 48 hours to complete the return, otherwise, Walmart will complete it automatically
COMPLETED RETURN_RECEIVED The return has been received at the Return Center. No
RETURN_INVOICED The return has been invoiced and the customer notified. No
RETURN_CANCELLED The return has been canceled before completion. No

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