Walmart DSV Onboarding

GeekSeller offers Walmart DSV API integration with following features:

  • Product management
  • Quantity synchronization
  • Order acknowledgment and fulfillment
    (including Ship to Store label generation and other required options)
  • UPS, FedEx, and ShipStation
  • Analytics

Set up your DSV account

Keep your data backed up. GeekSeller maintains data backups and does whatever we can to prevent errors or overwriting of data, but due to the complexity of some integrations, and uniqueness of each seller’s set up, there is always a chance that some data may be lost or overwritten. Before you start using GeekSeller or make any large adjustments to integrations, new functionalities or uploading information, always create a backup of your data. Read more.

Step 1: Check Your Access

Make sure you have access to If you don’t have access, email to request it.

Step 2: Invite GeekSeller

Contact us at to request your unique onboarding email address, originally provided in your welcome email. Use it to invite us to your Walmart DSV account as an admin.

Walmart requires that DSV merchants add new users through Walmart Support.
Login to your, then go to Help > Contact Partner Support

Then you will need to select your supplier info from the drop-down, for channel select DSV:

You will then see a support category to select. Please follow this path: Supplier Center -> Adding or Removing Users -> Add User -> Open a case via Email

Use this template:

Subject: Request to invite GeekSeller to my Walmart Supplier Center


I request that GeekSeller be invited to my Walmart Supplier Center as an admin. See below for their new user information:

First Name: Geek
Last Name: Seller
Email address: (your unique GeekSeller email address from welcome email or provided by GeekSeller Support team)

Your final case will look like this:

Step 3: Generate API Keys
If you invite GeekSeller to your Walmart Supplier Center our team will complete this step for you.

Log in to and visit the My Profile section.
There you will find:

  • API information
    • Consumer ID
    • Private Key
  • Distribution information
    • ID Codes (In GeekSeller ShippingNode ID)
    • Names (In GeekSeller Shipping Node Name)

Copy the values from your Walmart Supplier Center and paste them into the corresponding fields in the settings section of your GeekSeller Walmart DSV panel. (Settings > API Credentials)

API Information

Distribution Information

Step 4: Import Products 
Please contact us for help with importing your products.

Walmart DSV’s API does not allow us to import products. Our team will help you to create new products or manually bring in products that already exist in your Walmart Supplier Center.

Step 5: Locate FedEx and UPC Account Number in Supplier Center
  • You can find your shipping account number in Walmart Supplier Center after you add or update Distribution Facilities. Account numbers are assigned to them by Walmart’s transportation department, it may take up to 10 business days to receive your unique numbers. To view your account number, log in to Supplier Center, and select the Distribution Facility under DSV Settings in General Settings.
  • Select the right-pointing arrow under the Details column on the far right of the facility overview to expand each facility view and see your unique FedEx and UPS shipping account numbers.

Step 5a: Shipping Through GeekSeller 
If you are going to use ShipStation to generate labels – skip Step 5a and go to Step 5b.

To use our Master Panel to generate UPS and FedEx labels:

  1. How to Connect UPS
  2. How to Connect FedEx
  3. Contact us to activate the extensions in your account, you need to send us assigned to you Walmart’s FedEx and UPC Account Numbers (see details above).

GeekSeller also supports non-standard platforms. You can use GeekSeller for managing DSV orders, which require additional labels to be printed (called ASN)

Step 5b: Shipping Through ShipStation

To generate your FedEx and UPS labels using ShipStation:

Log in to your GeekSeller Master Panel and go to My Account > Integrations > ShipStation. Follow the instructions to create a custom store in ShipStation.

Setting Up ShipStation

Mapping Shipping Methods

We send ShipStation the exact names of shipping methods from Walmart. The methods have different names in ShipStation, so they will need to be mapped as they come in.

Ship From

Make sure that all Walmart DSV orders are shipped from the Walmart address below: 3rd Party DSV

5860 Ridgeway Cntr Pkwy #401
Green Mountain Technology
Memphis, TN 38120-4082

Phone: 8009666546

See this article for details on how to set it up.

Ship to Store

For Ship to Store orders, we provide a link to the Store Label in the order notes, as shown. You can also access the labels in your GeekSeller panel.

Tagging S2S Orders

You can use the ShipStation’s automation rules to assign tags that will help you to see which are the Ship to Store orders.

Placing an order reference number on a label

Walmart requires to place an order reference number on your label. If you use GeekSeller Master panel to print labels, we do it automatically for you. If you use ShipStation, you need to configure a label message as explained here in the section “Configure Label Messages”.

You need to use ShipStation’s Automation Rules to set up 3rd party billing for your DSV orders.

Step 6: Inventory Synchronization

GeekSeller can synchronize your quantities across multiple marketplaces. Please contact us at and let us know which marketplaces you want to integrate.